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About Irish Forgotten Places

Welcome to Irish Forgotten Places, a website dedicated to uncovering the forgotten corners of Ireland that hold the key to reimagining the richness of our heritage. It all began with my Facebook posts, where I shared glimpses of forgotten places around Ireland that sparked curiosity and hinted at a vibrant but overlooked period of Irish life. These places, ingrained in our national DNA, have long been buried in our unconsciousness, waiting to be awakened.

This website is a continuation of those initial visits, offering a more in-depth exploration of the hidden treasures I stumbled upon. Moreover, it is an invitation for you to join me in the quest to discover 'the ten most forgotten places that reveal Ireland's heritage.'


While my excursions have mainly focused on south-east Leinster, conveniently accessible via the N4 and N7 routes, I've been pleasantly surprised by the unique history of this corner of the country, juxtaposed with Wales. Each province in Ireland has its own distinct narrative to share, shaped by influencers who were trained in diverse schools and connected to various networks both within and outside the country.

My goal is to piece together this wider picture and I warmly welcome your assistance in selecting ten relatively unknown places that can illuminate our heritage and deepen our understanding of ourselves. As we embark on this search, it's worth noting that these hidden gems often reside in breathtaking locations, adding to the allure of our exploration.

Feel free to subscribe to our website, completely free of charge, or reach out to me directly through the provided link. I eagerly await your contributions and insights as we delve into the forgotten places that hold the secrets of Ireland's captivating past.

Thank you for your interest,

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