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Thank you ... to the OPW!

I would like to end 2022 by expressing my thanks to those who, over the past year, have made my visits to ‘forgotten places’ possible and so entertaining:

--To the County Councils who have done a great job in looking after our historical sites, preserving them, making them accessible and providing information boards;

--To the OPW who look after the major sites and provide friendly and well informed guides;

--To land owners who allow people like me on to disturb their cows on our way to visit ancients remains;

--To the local people on the road or outside houses who enthusiastically tried to help me find ‘forgotten places’ which sometimes they themselves have forgotten;

--To the professional and amateur local historians who have done enormous work in researching the background to little known places and events and made them available in libraries and on the internet;

--To the internet itself, without it my knowledge would be very limited;

--To the lady on the Satnav who directed me up and down back lanes and only misdirected me twice (not really her fault). Her positive response to requests for a --‘monastic site’ is amazing.

--And lastly, to those who wrote to encourage me, thanks for the support. I look forward to hearing more of your suggestions and experiences in the coming year.

A Happy Christmas and may the New Year bring you unexpected discoveries! Hugh.


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